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Massage Therapy

New Stride Massage Therapy


Massage reduces pain and stiffness associated with stress and anxiety… try massage today.

Laser Massage

Laser Therapy

One FREE Treatment
“Instant pain relief…” ask how laser can help you. A laser treatment can be added on to any massage for $10.00 per session.

Senior Citizen Massage

Basic massage especially designed for those individuals 65 years or older. This massage gently increases blood flow, eases aches and pain and creates relaxation through gentle pressure.

30 min $50.00
1hr $100.00

Six 30 min sessions $250.00
Six 1 hr sessions $500.00

Deep Tissue MassageMassage Therapy

Releases chronic muscle tension or knots by focusing on the deeper layers of muscle. Similar to the Swedish massage but generally with more intense pressure.

30 minutes $55.00
1 hour $110.00

Six 30 minute sessions $275.00
Six 1 hour sessions $550.00

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Assists the lymphatic system in its drainage through a light rhythmic massage. It can decrease swelling, blood pressure and it extracts deposits left in lymph nodes.

30 minute $55.00
1 hour $110.00

Six 30 minute sessions $275.00
Six 1 hour sessions $550.00

Pregnancy Massage

Reduces swelling, soothes nervous system, acts as a tonic, reduces fatigue, enhances energy along with relieving tension and aches.

30 minute $55.00
1 hour $110.00

Six 30 minute sessions $275.00
Six 1 hour sessions $550.00

“Relaxation means releasing all concern and tension and letting the natural order of life flow through one’s being.”
– Donald Curtis

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