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New Stride Pilates Home Exercise Mat Sequence

Our Pilates Home Exercise Mat Sequence demonstrates the following:

  1. An abdominal “curl back” warm-up exercise that reinforces the strengthening and engaging of the core muscles.  The addition of a soft sponge ball will further deepen the use of the lower abdominal muscles and the inner thighs.
  2. The spine is also warmed up with articulation, flexion and extension of the spine.
  3. Adding spinal rotation (optional) to the exercise will further enhance the warm up.
  4. Transition to the Single Leg Circles which will reinforce pelvic stability, working in the hip joint, hamstring stretch, breath and co-ordination. Repeat 5 circles each direction and repeat to the other side.
  5. The Abdominal Series improves core strength with control, working from the body’s center, precision and flowing movement.  Repeat each variation 8 – 10x.
  6. Transition to a seated position to perform Spine Stretch.  Hips are anchored to the mat while the torso lengthens upward from this base support and through the crown of the head .  On the exhale of the breath the spine rounds forward into a C-curve also giving a nice stretch to the hamstring muscles.  On the inhale of the breath the spine articulates or sequences back to vertical.
  7. Transitioning into a prone position, Neck Roll will follow.  This exercise enhances the strength of the upper back extensors and improves neck mobility.  Neck roll is a good way to counterbalance our far too often rounded forward sitting position (such as at a computer).  Abdominal muscles are tightly engaged to maintain proper positioning.
  8. Lastly in this sequence, it is nice to incorporate the rest position or child pose to relax.

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