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What to Expect

Be prepared to undergo a complete physical exam on your first visit. It may take between 60 – 90 minutes total for 1st visit which includes paperwork and subsequent visits 45 – 60 minutes.

Sign of a Good Therapist:

They are quick in determining your needs, teach you self-care tips and bring fast results.

Faster is Better

A good therapist will listen, understand and be quick in determining your needs. They will offer treatment that bring immediate results and is more skilled and experienced than the one who may spend a lot of one-on-one time with you but doesn’t deliver.

Unless you have an unusual, complex condition a good physical therapist will bring fast improvement.

Your First Physical Therapy Visit in Corpus Christi Be wary of the facility where you don’t learn something new at each and every visit. Self-care and home exercise instruction are essential for fast results. Don’t waste time in your therapy visits and run out of insurance benefits before your goals are met.

What to Wear

You’ll need to expose the body part that is effected (knee, shoulder, back, etc.). Loose fitting apparel such as sweats and T-shirt are ideal, otherwise you may have to use a gown.

First VisitTreatments & Terminology

Joint Mobilization*

The application of movement and force to a joint for the purpose of increasing motion and range. Can be used to reduce pain. Sometimes discomfort may accompany the procedure.

Soft-Tissue Mobilization*

The application of movement and force to muscles, ligaments, nerves or other soft-tissue for the purpose of promoting healing and normalization. Can be used to reduce pain. Sometimes discomfort may accompany the procedure.

Pressure-Point Release

In this procedure the therapist or clinical assistant searches for muscles that are actively in spasm or causing pain. They then push on the muscle for 1-2 minutes. Initially it will cause soreness but should diminish steadily. This helps to normalize the muscles in that area.

Therapeutic ExercisesPhysical Therapy

Strengthening and balancing the muscles around your joints are essential for good movement, stability and pain relief. Physical Therapists are the leading experts in helping those with pain, arthritis, obesity, diabetes and heart disease get fit and strong safely.

Be wary of the facility that overuses “passive” treatments such as heat, ice, ultrasound, massage or electrical stimulation. These treatments are helpful with certain conditions but typically should be used early and weaned off quickly. They should never be the main part of your program for any length of time.

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