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Balance & Gait Disorders

NewStride Physical Therapy in Corpus Christi provides a comprehensive Balance/Vestibular Evaluation. We provide extensive, individualized assessments to determine the cause(s) of decreased balance and increased risk of falling. Posture, balance, strength, coordination and function are addressed.

An individualized program for each patient is designed to include ambulation training and a variety of exercises for strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and gaze stabilization. An individualized home exercise program along with education in fall prevention is provided for the patient and family members or caregivers. Plus, we help you deal with balance challenges in various environments, such as areas with curbs, uneven surfaces, dim lighting conditions, and changes in direction.

Our approach gives patients the tools to regain control of their lives, rebuild self esteem, and prevent falls.

Balance is defined as maintaining the center of gravity over the center of mass.Balance depends on the central nervous system and our ability to integrate input from the inner ear, eyes, muscles and sensations of the lower extremities.

Each year 1/3 of adults over age 65 experience dizziness, balance problems or falls. Falls are the leading cause of injury in older adults. A variety of underlying musculoskeletal and neurological disorders can either cause or aggravate a balance/gait condition. Fortunately, physical therapy can help significantly reduce your symptoms and may even correct your condition altogether.

Balance Disturbances are caused by:

Common Complaints of Patients with Balance Disorders:

If you are suffering from a balance or gait disorder, New Stride Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment. New Stride Physical Therapy will help you get back on your feet in no time!

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