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Sciatic pain is often referred to as lumbar radiculopathy involving the peripheral sciatic nerve or injury at the the lumbar spine between L5 and S1. When the peripheral nerve or the nerve root becomes irritated it can refer pain or symptoms into the legs. The majority of patients experiencing sciatica are between the ages of 30 and 50 years old. Sciatica can be caused by injury to the disc, to the facet joint, or to the piriformis muscle. The physical therapist may use manual or hands-on therapy to reduce stiffness around the sciatic nerve. We will prescribe specific exercises to help strengthen, build, and improve the flexibility of your muscles and tissues in your core, back, and legs. Our number one priority is to help you get relief from your sciatica pain! Sciatica is a painful and inconvenient ailment, but it can be remedied with physical therapy. In fact, physical therapy is one of the best ways to treat sciatica!

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