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Therapeutic Exercise

The goal of any exercise program is to leave you feeling healthier and stronger. Therapeutic exercise, prescribed by a physical therapist, has similar goals. Therapeutic exercise incorporates a wide range of activities that help you regain your strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and stability. Whether you have been injured, experienced an illness, or are simply noticing you are losing your physical abilities, therapeutic exercise can prevent impairment and disability, while improving your overall fitness.

Each therapeutic exercise is classified by its purpose:

Therapeutic exercise is also used to treat chronic pain. When pain is treated with medication and rest, the supporting muscles weaken, causing greater pain and less functionality of the area. A physical therapist is trained to evaluate your body’s function, strength and range of motion as well as your pain levels when you perform basic tasks. Physical therapists are the experts in functional movement and therapeutic exercises. The New Stride physical therapists create a customized treatment plan, including therapeutic exercise, that can strengthen weak areas, restore function to healing or surgically repaired joints, and reduce your overall pain levels.

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