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KAATSU® Blood Flow Modification

KAATSU - specifically the KAATSU Constant Mode - was first envisioned in 1966 by Dr. Yoshiaki Sato in Tokyo. The KAATSU Cycle was subsequently developed in 1973 as a means to recover from injuries and increase compliance and ease-of-use. Rigorous academic study and medical research on KAATSU began in 1995 at the University of Tokyo. Its adoption in Japan transformed the effects of traditional athletic training, speed of rehabilitation, and recovery. After decades of experimenting and proving enhancement of blood circulation and increased hormonal production through practical, noninvasive protocols, KAATSU established the BFR market. KAATSU remains the BFR market's global leader with an unparalleled safety record and widespread adoption in the athletic performance, rehabilitation, and recovery markets.

Since used by the USA Winter Olympic Team in 2014, the U.S. military, and athletes at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, KAATSU has expanded to 49 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania and Africa - and by Mount Everest climbers and English Channel swimmers as well as paraplegics, people up to 104 years, and individuals of all ages and backgrounds who want to lose weight and gain muscle tone.

KAATSU blood flow modification can be used for the following:

There is a good reason why KAATSU The Original BFR has been around for decades and is currently distributed in 49 countries: KAATSU is safe.

While other BFR companies stress muscle building and utilize all types and sizes of tourniquets and modified blood pressure cuffs on people with bulging muscles and youthful, fit bodies, KAATSU took a much different approach. As the pioneer of the BFR market, KAATSU had to clearly demonstrate safety above all - well before other BFR companies and products were sold online.

KAATSU spent 10 years behind closed doors (at the University of Tokyo Hospital) testing its original Blood Flow Restriction equipment and protocols with over 7,000 older cardiac rehab patients.

These patients were mostly over 50 years old - some as old as 104. They all had cardiac problems that needed to be addressed by the cardiologists at the University of Tokyo Hospital. Between 2004 and 2014, KAATSU spent its time, energy and budget on perfecting its protocols for older, more sedentary, weaker individuals - not the young and fit, not the muscular and active.

There was no overt marketing, ubiquitous social media campaigns, or slick websites. The KAATSU doctors simply conducted painstakingly detailed research and testing using ultrasound, MRI, and blood sampling and analyses on thousands of patients by medical doctors and PhD's.

Led by KAATSU inventor Dr. Yoshiaki Sato, cardiologist Dr. Toshiaki Nakajima, cardiologist Dr. Toshihiro Morita and their colleagues, KAATSU tested and fine-tuned their equipment and protocols. Ultimately, KAATSU and its original Blood Flow Restriction modalities and pressures were proven safe and effective - and convenient - for cardiac rehab patients.

After that decade-long testing was completed, the protocols and KAATSU Air Band pressures were standardized across the board so the proven protocols could be used at home, at work and during travel. The Certified KAATSU physical therapists at New Stride Physical Therapy will be happy to discuss how KAATSU can enhance your performance and speed your recovery.

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